Jamie Social Icons


Intergrating your website to social sites allows more users to be able to find your content, so I created this simple wordpress plugin to be able to add the social share links to your site.  Because we build websites for many different business types not all the social share links are required on all sites, so I have built in the option to include which ones you want.  It is now even easier to track what integration your site has with Google Analytics and Facebook insights.

Download Jamie-Social

Install The Plugin

Download the plugin, then in your WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload” and upload the file.

upload wordpress plugin

Activate the plugin and you will see it adds a new menu called “Social Settings”

social plugin installed

Choose Options

From this page you can choose which social icons to be displayed

Whether you would like the icons to be shown automatically or manually.jamie social icons settings


If you would like the Social Icons to be shown on your WordPresss Posts and or Pages.  Whether to be shown at the top and or bottom of the post/page.

Add custom or preselected  text before the icons, align the icons to the center, left or right of the post/page.

jamie social icons settings page

If you have chosen no automatic show, within the TinyMCE you will see the social Icons button where you can add the icons anywhere within the post/page or add the shortcode

[ jamiesocial ]


Social Icons TinyMCE button


If you would prefer to add the icons within your template add the code below/above the_content();/the_excerpt();  or anywhere else in the template where you would like the social icons to be displayed

<?php echo get_jamie_social_code(); ?>

Social WordPress Plugin

If you would like to change the layout they have been pre styled to be inline in a unordered list.  To amend the style within your themes stylesheet use your surrounding conatiner
i.e <div id social"> you would simply add to your style sheet :-

#social ul.jamie-social { your own styles here }

Firebug is a great tool to find the surrounding div

Jamie social icons now has integration with your google analytics report and under Social plugins you will be able to see the interaction with Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Also integrated with Facebook Insights so you can see what interaction your site has on Facebook, not only from the like button but if it has been mentioned on FGacebook you will see a report of it, find out more about Facebook Insights here

I am always trying to improve this plugin so if you have any suggestions or experience any problems please email me and I will try follow up as quickly as I can.  If this plugin helps you out please give it it a good rating and add it as your favourite and will always appreciate a beer!.

Download Jamie-Social

  • Emil

    Hi Martin,
    How to change the FB Page in the link?


  • Jedha

    Hi There, I love your plugin but am just wondering how to get the blog image to show up for Facebook shares, it always seems to show a sidebar image instead. Has anyone else had this issue or is there something else I need to do? Thanks 🙂

  • @Martiniboy:disqus google page speed still shows your plugin as blocking above the fold content. Please select true when wp_enqueing your social javascripts.

  • Frank Beecham

    Hi Facebook Like popup doesn’t work in Firefox. Are you re-working the plugin since the past comments?

  • Apologies in delay – did you manage to fix your issue because when I click on the link I can see the Facebook Like (well recommend button?) on both desktop, all browsers whcih I have (firefox, Ie10, safari, Chrome) and on ipad tablet in safari and chrome? – I have a had a few other complaints that the FB button is missing which I am able to see so not sure whether it was a blip on the FB servers or my machine is allowing me to see things other can’t?????

  • Denver Prophit Jr.

    I have schema markup on my single.php, post.php and page.php to count userreactions with the # of comments. I’d like to know if it’s feasible for your plugin theme to include itemprop counts from the various social counters. I’d like to spit out 174 Facbook Likes, 31 G+ likes, 29 Tweets, 1 Pinterest, 3 LinkedIn Shares for the schema markup.

    • Apologies in delay into the reply, I need to look into schema markup more to understand what it does sorry, feel free to email me anyinfo you have on the subject – jamie at martiniboy dot co dot uk

      • @Martiniboy:disqus I’m dprophit on skype if you want to collaborate on schema =)

  • Neo

    Hi Jamie,

    Unfortunately, after even updating to latest version of plugin, it has still issues with linkedin share – it is not working and I even checked on your site and this page – it is still not working. Please test it for linkedin. I have to now find out another plugin like this. Thanks for your plugin – it helped me till date.

    • Apologies for delay in reply Neo – you probably have sourced another plugin – when I click on the linked in button, even on this site? it goes straight to my linked in account to allow me to publish? So I am not sure what to suggest – did you try it different browsers?

  • Ansley Williams

    Are you planning to add any other buttons, like reddit for example?

  • Rajesh

    facebook like box is not showing,please provide me solution for this…..

    • Hi it is appearing on my site, could you send a link to your site? Has it just stopped working? What happens if you change the default language?

  • Shea

    Hi Robert,
    Facebook likes have not been showing up for a while now. I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled all to no avail. Any suggestions as to what to do?

    • Hi Shea, not sure who Robert is but I guess it was for me?
      When you go to the social settings options page within your admin do you see the Facebook button?

      • Shea

        Yes, I do. When I select it, there is an empty space where it should show on the post or page, but it’s just blank.

        • Hi Shea, because it is showing in the admin area, that means there is a conflict with your theme some how, could you check to see if you have wp_head(); in the header.php and wp_footer(); in the footer.php of your theme see this post for more info

          • Shea

            Hello Martin. Sorry for the long delay. I checked and I do have the the wp_head() in my function.php. I’m running Studio Press with Genesis as the parent theme and eleven40 as the child theme. Facebook likes are still not showing. What can I do next?

  • Lindsay Heydon

    Hi, I’m using WooCommerce. When I Like to Facebook JSI is using random pictures, not the Featured Image on the Products page. Is there anything I could do to rectify this? Many thanks, Lins

    • I will look into how to make the featured image the default for Facebook, when I first launched this plugin that was the image used but I think Facebook must have changed how it is selected

      • Lindsay Heydon

        That would be great. So would being able to choose where to show buttons, eg, Posts, Archive, Media etc and for WooCommerce Products, and plugin pages like Wysija. There is a paid plugin for WooCommerce and I’ve looked at Slim JetPack sharing, but much prefer yours and where it displays. JetPack installs so many things I don’t wan’t too. WooCommerce needs you!

      • Lindsay Heydon

        Looing into further I think in WooCommerce it’s quite often picking up the Related Products picture. I know JetPack and Social Media Feather both work with WooCommerce, but I much prefer the look and placement of your icons 🙂

  • Lindsay Heydon

    Hi, I would like to unhook this on another plugin I’m using… what would the code for this be? To explain further it’s a plugin for a newsletter that redirects to a ‘Confirmation’ page, and I don’t want social icons showing on this. I have an appropriate single-wysijap.php file in my theme, so would just like to know how the code to enter in this php file to stop your plugin running for the newsletter pages. Many thanks, Lins

    • Hi Lindsay,

      That is something that I am working on to select which pages to show the icons on/or not to show, currently no hook though, sorry. I would like to say that it will updated soon but am extremely busy at the moment, sorry not much help. The only way at the moment would be to manually do it, by adding to the page template and leave it of a template yo don’t want them to show or use conditional statements I hope that helps

      • Lindsay Heydon

        OK that’s brilliant. I will look into it (or wait). Not life or death but would look ‘tidier’ that’s all. Many thanks for your help and pointers. Much appreciated. Lins

        • Lindsay Heydon

          PS I may have found an easier way… by editing the css in my theme… in this case .wysijap .jamie_social {

  • sam l

    hey the best plugin I have found for sharing but the facebook button is still gone on mac os

    • Hi Sam, thanks for using my plugin, could you share a link to the site where it is not working on mac OS, also which version of mac os are you using, I am running mac OS X and I can see the Facebook button on all my sites?

  • Thanks Sixthlife I will look into it – is that ie8 on xp, I only have access to win8, win7 and vista each using developer tools to test in different ie. versions. Will hunt down my xp machine

  • Hi there,
    Really like your plugin, put somehow i cant get pinterest to fetch the images?
    When i press pin, the popup shows and when i again press pin it, it comes up with We cant fetch the image……do you have any idea, how i can get it to work?

    Best regards,
    Kristian –

    • Hi Kristian
      I tested this on my phone and the same thing which you experienced happened to me, so I just checked it out on my desktop in firefox and no images are showing on the site at all??? Which I guess is why pinterest is not able to access the images. Not sure whether it is a permissions issue or what. So not sure what to suggest, try deactivating each of your plugins and see if the images re appear in firefox, then activate them one by one, if no luck there try switching your theme to the default twenty 12 and see if that correct it.
      Let me know how you get on, and if I can help at all give me a shout!!

      • Hi again,

        That sounds really wierd. I just checked the site in firefox and images are there.

        I tried the above, default theme, deactivating all plugins and still no luck. Not sure what to do :/

        Now, something funny happened. I try to pin again, and took an image, that is shown in my sidebar and comes from instagram and there was no problem. Only problem with images inserted in posts…….

        • Hi Kristian

          This is what I see when I go to your site so there is something that is blocking the images, have never experienced this issue before so not sure what to suggest. If i go to view an image from the src i get this error “”You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/uploads/2013/04/cheesecake_extra.jpg
          on this server”” which implies it is permissions error on the uploads folder but not sure why only applies to firfox and pinterest???

  • Amanda Viviers

    It seems this plug in has crashed my blog: can anyone tell me what this means???

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare admin_register_head() (previously declared in /home/capture3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/instagram-for-wordpress/wpinstagram.php:16) in/home/capture3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jamie-social-icons/social-admin.php on line 23

    • Hi Amanda
      Apologies for delay I have been without internet for the past few weeks, it looks like my plugin had conflict with another which you had installed, I have just updated Jamie social Icons and hopefully that will resolve the issue that you are experiencing, apologies for inconvenience

  • Emma

    Hi, I love this plugin. I have just one request – could you look at adding facebook share in one of your future updates? Thanks for providing such an easy to use tool.

    • Hi Emma
      I am glad that you are liking my plugin, Facebook deprecated there facebook share buttons a while back and integrated all the same functionality within their Like button, have been a little slack recently keeping up to date with the recent advances but if anything is new I will try to add this to my plugin soon!!

  • Hey Jamie! Great plugin mate. Two quick things — One: is there a way I can change the order of the icons showing? Just for some house keeping. I like to have the ‘pin it’ after the Linkedin button as it looks neater without the counter. Two: Is there a FB ‘share’ button in the works to share with friends? Rather than simply ‘liking’ and directing straight to the ‘like-ees’ wall? Cheers mate

    • thanks for using my plugin, I am currentl;y working on my next update which hopefully will allow to add the icons in the order of your choice. as to the Facebook Share, i believe that the button was deprecated by Facebook and integrated into the like button a while back, but if you know different to tha let me know and I will look into it further.

  • Sean


    Just want to start by saying this is a great plugin. I do however have one issue and it has to do with facebook being blocked by some companies. The problem is there is a long lag when trying to grab the javascript from facebook. It has to wait for it to timeout before it will load the page.

    • Thanks Sean for using my plugin and apologies for delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately because Facebook are contunally updating there scripts I need to reference them from Facebook direct because if I made them local I would neeed to update my plugin more often than I am able to as you can see from my delay in replying to you, time is thin at the moment. I am currently updating the plugin and am, looking into ways of avoiding this lag but am not finding many alternatives, if you have any ideas feel free to share. I will include you in the plugins contributors

  • Guest

    Hi Jamie, great plugin! Very easy to use. However, I’m having a problem:

    I’m using the php tag instead of having the share icons populate automatically. I’m using the tag within the loop but when I try to share things on twitter no link shows up, google + errors out and facebook doesn’t grab any of the post info except the link.

    I feel like I’m missing something? Is there some way to get the php tag to connect with the post data?


    ps I should add that I’m in testing mode so running on a local server, if that makes a difference.

    • Hi
      Apologies for delay in replying. Just to rule out a few possibilities in your header.php do you have this tag within your head tag? ANd do you have this in the footer.php before the closing body tag??? That normally causes most issues. I never develop locally always on my testing servers so not sure whether it is a local server issue. On the settings page do the icons there work – if they do there is conflict with the theme somewhere. Let me know how you get on and I will try to help out as much as I can. Bear with me though as currently in the middle of moving house so am not in-front of my computer as often as I normally am.

  • kate

    Hey Jamie, awesome icons! One problem I have is I can’t figure out how to add the plugin to my featured posts (preview of the posts) , only inside the post itself. How can I do this?

    • Hi Kate
      Apologies for delay in replying, moving house and time has just vanished. At the moment the only way to add the icons on your excerpts (post previews) is to add into your themes index.php template which controls your loop above or below the tag, if you are unsure about editing theme files, I would not advise to do this. I am planning to add this functionality to the plugin so it automatically shows but cannot guarantee a time scale at the moment.

  • Denise

    Thanks for this great plugin!
    One question: I would like a blank line (enter) after the social buttons. Reason is that I have a previous/next-post button that goes underneath your bar and they are too close. A blank line after the social icon bar would be perfect. How do I do this?

    • Apologies for delay in getting back to you, are you able to amend your themes stylesheet? If so if you add the the following to the bottom of the stylesheet
      .martiniboy_social_list {
      You can change the 5px to a greater or lesser number to increase or decrease the gap. Please backup your themes files before editing them and if you are unsure of what you are doing, do not amend your themes files get a Web developer to do it as if you do it wrong could break your website. I will be adding a custom stylesheet in a future update of my plugin, but this may not be a while. If I can help at all do not hesitate to ask

      • Denise

        I’ve added something to my stylesheet before (without any issues), will adding this code be a major risk for breaking my site you think? Thanks!

        • Denise

          Yes, works perfectly. Thanks again!

          • Glad that solution worked, needed to mention the risks of editing theme files, as some people do not know where to start to amend the files and get in lots of issues

  • Anderlu

    This might be a suggested feature.
    I have installed Jamie Social Icons on my WP/BuddyPress based site and it works great on Posts and any non BP pages but I cannot get the social icons to show up on any BP pages. So my question is – How can I get Jamie Social Icons to display on the BP pages?

    • Apologies Anderlu for delay in getting back to you, in process of buying a house and any spare time is with Bank Manager or in DIY shops!! I will look into BuddyPress I have never actually used it so when things have calmed down a bit will try to add that functionality into the plugin. I will keep you updated.

  • Hey Jamie,

    I like your plugin! I have a suggestion though:

    A lot of similar plugins already have the option to not show the buttons on the homepage, but this doesn’t work with a lot of themes and when using WPML – they still show. So what would be perfect, is the option to NOT show the buttons on a certain page. Maybe with a shortcode?

    Would be awesome! And if you fix this, I promise to buy you a couple of beers 😉

    • Apologies Floris van Onna for delay in getting back to you, in process of buying a house so a bit manic here. I have considered an option of being able choose pages not to show on, will try to put it in the next major update. This may not be for a month though a lot going on at the mo, but will keep you updated.

  • meeeee

    hello, having problem with the section of the likebox. Help

  • Hi Liezl
    Thanks for using my plugin, unfortunately because my plugin uses the code directly from the social sites this can cause a little lag in page loading times depending on other traffic to those sites, twitter and facebook seem to be having a long callback time in the last few weeks so am looking into a way of improving it but because they are continuing to update there code it needs connection to them:-(
    With your comment about sharing stats – my plugin is currently integrated with google analytics – (but will only show activity via Google Plus, FB and Twitter not LinkedIn or Pinterest currently) which can be found under social plugins in your analytics (obviously if you use GA) and there option to add code to monitor FB activity through Facebook insights
    Hope that helps although looking at your link I cannot see that you are using my plugin and is that site even built in WP?? Looks like blogger to me

  • Hi Ruknieuws – apologies for delay in replying, your comment had been spammed and I have not logged in to Disqus for a couple of weeks. Anyway looking at your site you don’t appear to have my plugin installed any more – if you still need help give me a shout and I will try to answer sooner.

  • Hi Lossos Team

    After looking at your site it appears that you have been editing my plugins css file and where you have added

    ul.jamie_social li:last-child {
    you have made the statement before unclosed so all subsequent styles have been ignored try correcting the unclosed style (add a } before the above statement) If you are still having an issue give me a shout but I think that will sort it. In a later release I will look at adding a custom stylesheet on the options page to avoid changing the plugin file – which will be overwritten on update.

    Hope that helps

    • Lososs

      Hi Martiniboy!

      Thanks! yeah it was an issue in the css. It will be great to have that custom css…thanks again you are awesome!

      Have a great one!
      Lososs Team

  • Colleen

    I just realized FB “like” not working on a razoo site of mine. I had nothing to do w plug-ins there. maybe something wrong with…? (drawing blank)

    • Whats a razoo site?? Does that have my plugin in? Facebook may be updating their code

  • Colleen

    I’m on a Mac OS X if that matters

  • Colleen

    Hi Jamie, the FB icon’s not active, but others are. seems sometimes the icons appear (at bottom of posts) but not consistently. appear more when I’m in edit mode than user. I deactivated and deleted your plug-in twice to see if it was being blocked due to a previous “FB recommend” plug-in I had tried. Once I added yours, both that one and yours no longer worked. And to make it even harder for me to know what may be problem, I did install Yoasts SEO plug-in before yours. no idea if any relation to prob. Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Colleen – not sure what the problem is unless FB were updating their code – With Jamie’s Social Icons the like buttons are generated directly from Facebook my plugin only basically calls the code from Facebook. Send me a link to your site and I will have a look

  • Jet

    Hi. Downloaded the plugin especially because you said that you were keeping an eye on the recent fb changes (my post thumbnails weren’t showing up with my last plugin, so I went searching and found yours). Anyway, when I choose “Like”, nothing shows up in my facebook profile. According to facebook, I never liked the post. Is this a plugin problem or something else?

    Secondly (and lesser in priority), I’m having trouble vertically aligning the icons. It seems my theme is overriding yours. I even added

    .jamie_social li iframe {
    margin: 0;

    In my own css file.

    Here’s the site:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

    • Hi Jet
      After reading your comment yesterday I went to your post and liked it and it did not instantly show on my wall, a few hours later it showed on my wall that i had liked your post, looking at twitter activity yesterday and this post Could have had something to do with it, because went to your site this morning and liked another post and it showed instantly on my wall.

      As to your other issue looking at your icons they are aligned (well as aligned as they will be because each icon is not exactly the same height, not due to the plugin but down to the individual social sites buttons) I did notice though that your themes style sheet adds a background image to the li’s – which is noticeable behind the pinterest button to rectify that you will need to add to your themes stylesheet

      ul.jamie_social li {
      background: none;

      I hope that helps

  • mdavis

    Hi Jamie,

    I installed your social plugin and the icons aren’t appearing on the live blog. It appears in preview on wordpress when I add it but when i update and go to the blog they aren’t there. Any suggestions?


    • Hi mdavis how are you setting them to display, automatically, via the shortcode or the template code? If automatically have you set them to show on the top, bottom or both top and bottom?

  • Hello,

    Question When someone hits the like button on my blog it shows the title of the blog story and then with a pipe it shows the title of the site. I just want it to show the title of the blog story. Not the sites name. How do I modify this? Thank you

  • Kelly

    Hey again! It’s none of the plug-ins 🙁 It’s so frustrating that it once worked….Ugh! Maybe I’ll uninstall and re-install.

    • Kelly

      No go…. Not sure what else to do.

      • All sorted it was down to themes css overriding mine, any problems let me know

  • Kelly

    My pin-it button is showing a blank box — not sure why that started happening. HELP 🙁

    • Hi Kelly
      Have you installed any other plugins since you last tested the button? The functionality for the icons has not changed in the update only tidying up my code. Could you send me link to your site and I will take a look because my Pin button above is working?

    • Hi Kelly any luck with your pin button, I looked at the website linked to your email address and see there is an issue, it works in IE but not any other browser, but I am not able to replicate it on any of my sites, there were a few script errors on the page though and your scripts in the footer are nested in centre, so not sure whether either of those are causing the issue. Try deactivating your plugins one by one and see if that solves the issue. If you do find the problem let me know I will see if I can help

      • Kelly

        Hey! Sorry, I forgot to check back. I will try the plug-in suggestion asap. I honestly can’t say if I’ve installed new plug-ins since it’s worked. I don’t think so… You’re scripting comments have me lost {sigh} I’m not savvy on this stuff at all.

  • Nicole

    Hi Jamie,
    thank you for this plugin.
    In german language is the space between the facebook and google button to small (facebook button “gefaellt mir” or “empfehlen” is longer than “like”) 😉
    Is it possible to change the distance by myself?

    • Hi Nicole
      Thanks for downloading my plugin, to add extra space you will need to add some code to the styleheet if you are comfortable adding code to the files follow this if not I will add it in my next update.
      Log into your wordpress and under your plugins tab in the sidebar click on “editor” in the right hand side you will see a drop down with all the plugins that you have installed click on jamie social icons and click select.
      In the sidebar – righthandside you will see a list of all the files and the third from the bottom you will see jamie-social-icons/css/social.css and click that scrolll all the way to the bottom of the page (internal Page) and paste the following code in:
      ul.jamie_social li.martinifb, ul.jamie_social li.fb {
      padding-right: 5px;
      And click save/update
      If you want the space smaller or larger increase or decrease the 5, any problems give me a shout.

      • Nicole

        Perfect!!! Thank you!

        • No problem, I will include that in the next update so you won’t need to make the amend after each update

  • Hi Aaron I have just been on your site and the Facebook comment box opened up as intended, did you solve it yourself? Looking at the screen shot your iframe most likely had a fixed width but looks like you sorted it

  • Hi Kanik what error are you getting, where are you getting the error – Facebook or on your site?? Email me link to your site and what plugins you have installed and what error you are receiving and I will see what I can do

  • Hi Eliot apologies in delay in replying your comment was spammed and I was not notified, any way I will address any cross browser W3C errors in the next update, before I do any updates I do check that it works with multiple themes and in all browsers, and W3C is a guideline not a requirement, but will see what I can do

  • Hi Brian
    Thanks for downloading my plugin and apologies for delay in replying to you, this comment somehow sneaked past me!! Looking at your site it is not pulling in all of the files which could mean that you do not have either the wp_head in the header.php or the wp_footer in the footer.php see this post for help
    Out of interest have you updated in the past 24 hours if so can you see all of the icons on the settings page? If yes it is very likely that the above code is missing from your theme. Email me if you need help

  • tonyassante

    Thanks for your plugin… After the last version is not possible take the button only after the news, give me error. I don twnat in top e bottom. You can helpe me please?

    • admin

      Hi Tony
      AHH! I did not test that very well did I!!!, I need to make a bug fix this evening so I will correct that then, Apologies for the inconvenience

    • Hi TonyAssante
      Apologies for problems after update what error are you receiving or is it that it will not show only at the bottom of the post? I saw an error in my code which caused it to show both top and bottom even when selecting just bottom but I am not receiving any erros?? I will update the plugin this evening to correct my sloppy fingers but if you could let me know if there is an error message I will look further into it Thanks

      • tonyassante

        Thanks is perfect now…

  • AlpineButterfly

    Thank you, enjoying the plugin, and your help files!!

    • I am glad that you are liking my work

  • nic

    hey jamie, quick question(s)…
    1) even when I ‘center’ the shortcode it seems to always align left. Any way to fix that?
    2) I want to add text to the left of the plugin, but it seems like no matter what I do, the next always appears ABOVE the plugin. Anyway I can easily have text to the left of the plugin – just something like “Share this page”.
    Thanks again for a great plugin!

  • CharlieK

    I downloaded this and selected for it to display at the top of my posts which it is doing correctly but it is also displaying above everything on all post pages 3 x in a vertical row. Why is it doing this and how can i remove it ?

    • Hi Charlie
      Does the same thing happen if you display at bottom of post? If you could email me a link to your site, and let me know what plugins you have installed and what theme you are using I will investigate.

  • Alan

    Great plugin Jamie and plans to ad stumleupon or reddit?

    • Hi Alan
      Thanks for downloading my plugin, I have never considered adding stumble upon or reddit before, but will look into the possibility of adding them into a future release

  • Facebook Like is not showing up in Chrome on OSX Mountain Lion. Doesnt show up on my blog or yours. works in Safari. Any ideas about what would cause this?

    • Hi Robert,
      Do you have any add-ons on your chrome browser, because I am looking at my site in Chrome on Mountain Lion and I can see the Facebook like button? So strange that you cannot see it on this site? Let me know if you find out what causes you not to see it, I take it that you have the latest version 1.9.5 of jamie’s social icons.

    • Martiniboy

      Hi Robert,
      Do you have any add-ons on your chrome browser, because I am looking at my site in Chrome on Mountain Lion and I can see the Facebook like button? So strange that you cannot see it on this site? Let me know if you find out what causes you not to see it, I take it that you have the latest version 1.9.5 of jamie’s social icons.

      • tonyassante

        yes dont work facebook like now

        • Facebook Like has been intermittent all day I think Facebook have been working on their scripts, keeping an eye on it though

      • jyoti

        Facebook icon is not showing, can you tell me asap how it will show ?

        • Hi jyoti
          I need a little more information that sorry – by just saying it doesn’t work makes it very hard to resolve! Could you see it on my site (where you added your comment) Because I can see it in all the browsers that I have, send me a link to your site, with the plugins that you have installed (try deactivating them first to see if that resolves it) and I will try to help you out

  • Larry

    Woops…sorry..I see the Pin feature above. Great

  • Larry

    Hey Jamie…Like your plugin. Thank You very much. Consider adding Pinterest? Do you do custom plugin work for clients? I have a plugin i need developed similar to this..but a couple of added features. If you do that sort of thing please email me at need it fairly quick..

  • jim

    Hi Jamie,

    We’re using the Jamie Social Icons plug-in across a network of websites. After the most recent upgrade, our client started reporting issues found using the Developer Tools feature in IE8/9. We recreated her experience and found errors that shared one commonality,

    twitterWidgets.onload = _ga.trackTwitter;


    They all have relate to _ga.track…

    Any suggestions?

    • Martiniboy

      Hi Jim
      I’m running a beta to allow tracking of your clicks on the social icons in google analytics, for some reason IE is not liking the google code, will try to update in next couple of days to rectify this, apologies for inconvenience

      • jim

        Well, thanks for the apology for the inconvenience. Back at you… Thanks for making WP builds much more convenient. Bugs happen and developers and builders should class-action Microsoft for the money they’ve made us waste time and time again. Thank you for the update and thanks for the plug-ins.