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WordPress Plugin Integrates Facebook Insights

Written On 7 Oct, 2012 by admin

Jamie Social Icons V0.9.6 wordpress plugin will offer the functionality to be able to monitor your Facebook activity with Facebook Insights.   With Facebook announcing this week that it has over 1 billion users worldwide it is a great source to being able to share the content of your website with the masses.

Jamie Social Icons is now an easy way to add this functionality to your WordPress website.  Facebook Insights provides reports broken down by domain and by app. These reports include rich data about users sharing content from your site within Facebook and other Facebook-enabled apps no matter where those activity originated. For example, if a user puts a URL from your site into a Facebook status message, that data is included in the analytics for your domain and of course it will monitor the Facebook likes on your site.

facebook insightsTo add this functionality to your WordPress website simply install Jamie Social Icons and log into your Facebook account and go to  Here you will see a button to saying “insights for your website” click on that and enter the domain of your website, and copy the numerical code in bottom meta tags.  See the example image above.   Add this code into the relevant box on the Jamie Social Icons Settings Page and save the settings.  It may take up to two days before you will be able to see the results on your Facebook insights page but then they will always be available.

Now when you visit the facebook insights page, you will see your website listed under Websites.

martiniboy website in Facebook Insights

Once you click on your site, you will be able to access all sort of insights. An example image is below:

Facebook Insights MartiniboyIt is as simple as that, I think a great add on to a simple but effective wordpress plugin.  Try it out and download my plugin and see how easy it is to tarck your Facebook activity, also track all your other social activity within your google analytics which was made a feature in Jamie social Icons V0.9.5.

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  • Manglio

    Hello! Great plugin. The facebook insights are working, but how can I see who “liked” the posts or pages?

  • Ron Lum

    Thanks for making this. It seems to have no alignment issues, which is something I’m finding often with social buttons. Also, the buttons seems to all become single-file on a mobile screen. I’m definitely considering using this or Sharebar.

  • Kelly

    Since the last upgrade, my pin it button isn’t working properly. Can you help??

  • Sarah

    Hi, I want social buttons to appear on SOME posts/pages only, not all of them. How do I activate that? I saw that I can de-activate the automated insertion of the buttons, but where and how do I activate the buttons on those selected pages/posts that I want them to appear?

    • Hi Sarah thanks for downloading my plugin,
      Yes sorry since I updated the plugin it is not very clear, an oversight by me, whoops! To show the icons on only a selected few posts or pages on the settings page untick show on posts and pages tick boxes at the top of the settings page and you should see a green social button in the wysiwyg on your posts and pages click that to add the shortcode into your posts. Or manually type [jamiesocial] into the post or page where you want it to be shown. Any problems let me know