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Shake up a cocktail with WordPress


Martiniboy.co.uk is my playground where I can mix together a blend of PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery without over shaking a clients website.

Hi I am Jamie Grove aka Martiniboy a wordpress developer situated in England.  I spent many years mixing martinis on cruise ships all around the world and now I spend my time shaking up a cocktail of code to create web standard compliant and easy to use websites and WordPress plugins.

WordPress is my passion, both making the site aesthetically pleasing for the web user according to the designers brief but allowing the website owner ease of use within the backend.

While I am not developing websites or WordPress plugins I am often found 20meters+ underwater with my camera, where I am a keen scuba diver with an interest in underwater photography (not the best but keeps me entertained!),  also a member of the committee for my local dive club CADSAC where I revamped and update the website, www.cadsac.co.uk.

At the moment my site is within  early development stage – hence the unstructured design/layout, so if you have found it I must be doing something right, when my site is up and running fully find out more about my WordPress plugins or keep updated with web developments in my blog.


  • Hi, I’ve recently migrated my site which in turn changed the permalink structure, is there a way to recover share stats?

  • Where can I ask question regarding the Social Icons plug in? Currently I am getting compliant emails from facebook regarding a July 15 change coming that will affect your plugin. I am not sure what to do to fix. It refers to “HREF” specific URL’s for each page is needed for the plugin to work after July 15th. Any info about if it is a problem and or how to fix?

    • Hi Steven W. Clancy you shouldn’t have any issues with my plugin Jamie Social Icons and the July 2013 Breaking Changes as my plugin uses absolute urls. My plugin does not actually need to have a Facebook API unless you are linking to Facebook insights, I was reading that you need to let Facebook know that you are compliant within the API.
      If you have any further questions reply in the comments on this page please or email me.